Word from the founder

Dr. Pankaj Parikh

It all started practising as a family physician and surgeon from past 40 years.

Being a senior doctor pioneering in day care medical practise in mumbai with well experienced and expert staff an effort was and is always made to take utmost medical and personal care of patients. As a result 70% of hospitalisation admissions were avoided. Patients suffering from viral fever, malaria, dengue, typhoid, jaundice, pneumonia, hyperemesis gravidarum (continuous vomiting during pregnancy) etc. are treated as day care which prevents hospitalisation.

This not only saves family's time & money but also relieves physical and mental stress of patients and relatives, keeps them away from hospital phobia, gives homely feeling during treatment. For day care treatment patient comes to clinic, stays for few hours for treatment and goes back home :) .

As it was always, and is my belief that

   Judge your Success by the degree that you are enjoying Peace, Health & Love

Sohum Health Care Centre is a well contemplated effort on these lines to increase our reach in serving people better, with state of art medical diagnostics.